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Vanda Cucina offers a unique experience, as our food is designed specifically from the eyes of our mothers. Mothers are the link to our hearts and at the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful experience. Our meal options are driven by the owner's Italian heritage. Growing up, home made ingredients comprised recipes. Serving sizes and cooking durations were never defined. The secret to these recipes live within our family tradition. 

"The most treasured Heirlooms are the sweet memories of our family that we pass down to our children."


Due cose al mondo, non ti abbandoneranno mai, l'occhio di dio che ti vede ovunque e il cuore della mamma che ti segue sempre.

Two things in this world that will never abandon you, the eyes of God that will watch you wherever you go, and your mother's heart that follows you everywhere. 


I haven’t had Italian food this good since I was in Italy! Everything was fresh, homemade, the flavors perfectly balanced, and the waiter had excelled wine recommendations. The atmosphere was wonderful, lively but welcoming. Their online table reservation system was easy, and definitely recommend using it as it was a full house, even on a Tuesday! But you never felt crowded. 100% recommend! It’s officially our go to Italian spot.

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